Hello there!

I'm Krysta. My husband Paul and I have two little boys and a baby on the way! We recently moved out of our small-ish space in the city and are settling into our new home in Langley, BC. We are thankful to have a little more space and Iā€™m enjoying the challenge of staying true to my minimalist roots.

Me in a nutshell? I'm a coffee drinking, plant-loving, loud-laughing, simple-seeking mama. I like to do the odd DIY project and I'm pretty fond of interior design. My faith in Jesus is the anchor in my life.

You could call me a "stay-at-home-mompreneur" because I'm able to work on the side with my photography business.

I love writing about everyday life, the joys + purposes found in style, design, and self-care as I seek simplicity in all of these things.

Thanks for being here + I hope you enjoy reading!